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For reference, here is the official Ritvik Megabloks page. Also, a fan site with information useful for Megabloks users is at The Bloks Forum.

Note that I gave away most of my Megabloks a few years ago, so I have none left to sell or give away, and do not have any copies of instructions. The information on these Megabloks web-pages is several years old.

I started into the building blocks hobby through one of my computer programming projects. That started me with Lego bricks, and later I saw my first Megabloks bricks, and started into those, too. See my Lego page for more info on my start.

I recently bought one of the #9762 Destroyer sets. The bricks in it feel a bit different, somehow. I still haven't figured out why they feel different (could be the weight), but they do have a different logo on the top. See here for a comparison picture. The old style brick is on the left, and the new one on the right. Trying an experiment, I also discovered that the new bricks are closer in size to Lego bricks than the old ones are!

If you put a double row of Lego bricks down the edge of a large baseplate, the baseplate stays straight. If you put a double row of the old Megabloks bricks down the edge, then the baseplate noticeably curves upwards at the ends. However, if you do the same with the new bricks, the curve is barely there! So, Ritvik has built new molds, and they are quite clearly addressing some of the concerns that folks have about mixing Lego and Megabloks!

You likely won't be able to tell which sets have the new bricks, however. A couple months ago I bought two more of the large USS Kittyhawk sets. I built one and lent the other to a friend to build, so I didn't notice anything. However, the one I lent out has the new bricks, and the other has the old ones. The sets were stacked together at the store, and the boxes look identical.

I have quite a few Megabloks bricks, and occasionally like to give myself a challenge - build something entirely out of 1x2x1 Megabloks bricks. I've done 4 projects like that so far, the latest two of which can be seen here. Remember that the challenge is to use nothing but 1x2 bricks (a baseplate is allowed).

As a fan of building castles, I was excited when I first saw the new #9760 Battleship set in a Sears catalog - what a source of grey bricks! When I later saw them in the Zellers Club-Z catalog, I was quite pleased - I had enough points to order 3 of them. However, while waiting, my patience ran out, and I found a #9761 Desert Patrol instead. I bought one and it is an excellent source of tan bricks, asside from being a good model. I later broke down and bought a battleship set at full price, and I like that model too. Later, I bought more of the Pro-Builder sets, so several inventories and picture sets are on my Pro-Builder page.

One of the newest lines that Megabloks has is the Dragons line. This series is a high fantasy series with much more detailed pieces than typical building block sets. Some folks have described it as a cross between building blocks and fantasy gaming stuff. I tend to agree. I think there are great possibilities in the Dragons sets!

Eventually, I had accumulated enough sets that the time came to build something castle-ish. My early experiments can be seen here.

Soon after I saw my first Megabloks sets, they came out with their huge "wall" sets (I don't know the number). I ended up buying a total of 5 of those, with about 3000 pieces each. Lots of materials for large buildings. I wish they would make one with all grey pieces, and random pieces from their castle and Viking sets! Here is the inventory of one of the "wall" sets.

My latest creation with Megabloks is a Gotham City skyscraper. I've done skyscrapers before, but now I have enough grey bricks to build a uniform colour one in minifig scale.

In October 2004, I bought my first Nano set.

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