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Megabloks Pro-Builder

Night Copter  Wave Breaker  Dragster  F1-Racing  Monster Truck  Battleship  Desert Patrol  Combat Tank  Air Striker  Blue Thunder  Sea Rescue  USS Kittyhawk  Fighter Jet  Destroyer  FDNY Fire Truck M1A1 Abrams Tank

The Pro-Builder sets are currently in two lines. Both lines are fairly detailed models. The first series of seven sets are about twice the size of the second series. So far, there are only two sets in the second series, but I'm hoping for more. You can think of these sets as somewhat like Lego "Model Team" sets, but with not quite as much detail. All of them tend to be built mostly from simple bricks. This is one of the things that has attracted me to them.

As time goes by, the line of large sets continues to increase, with the addition of the Blue Thunder jet, the Sea Rescue helicopter, and the massive USS Kittyhawk aircraft carrier.

The list here has the sets ordered by set number. The first three are smaller sets, and the rest are all about the same size.

#9707 Combat Tank
#9708 Air Striker
#9709 Fighter Jet
#9734 M1A1 Abrams Tank
#9735 FDNY Fire Truck
#9740 Night Copter
#9741 Sea Rescue
#9743 Blue Thunder
#9745 Wave Breaker
#9754 Dragster
#9755 F1-Racing
#9758 Monster Truck
#9760 Battleship
#9761 Desert Patrol
#9762 Destroyer
#9780 USS Kittyhawk

Here are some shots of the earlier bunch of larger sets:

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