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Set #9743 - Blue Thunder

rear closeup, spoiler up
cockpit closeup

This model looks OK, but it is rather flimsy, so could be a problem for someone who wanted to play with the model. This no doubt relates to the fact that the model has lots of big bits that stick out. The upper tailfins are wobbly. The lower tailfins can easily fall off. I had a hard time getting the wings on, too, because for some unknown reason the designer deliberately made the root of the wings hollow, so you can't apply the needed force. The new triangular wing pieces look good, but they don't hold on very well. I also broke the body in two when putting the first back wheel assembly in place. Of course, I should have known to support the other side when applying that much force! Oh yes, the transparent red cylinders in the tail are loose, and I've had one fall out when holding the plane nose up. These are the first such pieces I've had from Megabloks, and it might be a problem specific to that combination - normally the cylinders grip fine.


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