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Set #9762 - Destroyer

This is the latest (as of late 2002) in the ProBuilder ship line. The line is now called "Battle Group Series". There are several new specialized pieces in this set, used for detail. But, as with all of the other naval sets, there are lots of good basic pieces as well. Another interesting aspect is that the large plates are 2/3 height, instead of the previous 1/2 height. This makes them easier to fit in with full-height construction - just add a regular plate. The pieces in this set also seem to have a different feel to them - I have to investigate that further.

With help from Zach Wessel, I've made some guesses about the nature of some of the armament.

Overall views
side view
rear view
front view

5-inch main guns
Harpoon anti-ship missile launcher

New pieces
Phalanx CIWS (20mm automatic gun)
RAM anti-ship missile launcher
radar dish

New pieces
Seahawk helicopter
anti-aircraft missile launcher
lifeboats and crane

battle group

With this set, there was no need for me to go through and count the pieces - the full inventory is listed on the inside front cover of the instructions. This includes a small picture of the piece, and a part number for it. Now, if I had a scanner instead of just a digital camera, I could scan that page, separate out the images, and make an inventory with links to the small pictures. Of course, that would also require me having time to do that! Some highlights of the inventory for those looking for bulk: 206 2x4 grey brick, 35 2x4 dark grey brick, 21 2x4x1/3 red plate, 20 1x4 grey brick, 32 1x4 dark grey railing plates.

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