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My Gotham City (Gothic) Skyscraper

I've done skyscrapers before, but this time I had enough grey bricks to do one with a consistent colour scheme, and in minifig scale. It took a couple of weeks to do the building itself, with some undoing near the bottom. Most of a weekend was then spent doing the various gargoyles, and that work was constrained by the set of grey pieces I have.

The entire building is built of Megabloks pieces, except for some of the plate used in the separation points - I just don't have enough Megabloks black plate, so used a bunch of Lego plate. The building is built on a Lego large grey baseplate. It is about 7 foot 7 inches high - the constraint there was my ceiling.

The building is in four sections, the lower three being each 7 floors high. You can drag the building as a whole around, but its likely too awkward and unstable to be carried as a unit. You would also have to be careful to not lift it much, since there is only about 3 inches clearance under the ceiling.

In general, I'm happy with the building itself, but would have liked to make it taller. I'm not terribly happy with the gargoyles, however, and welcome suggestions for them. I'd like to keep them 100% grey Megabloks.

The building has 4 main regions, and thus 3 transition zones. The gargoyles are on the ledges created by the transition zones. The lower two regions are regular office space. The upper two regions, the lower being 3 floors high, are occupied by the building's eccentric owner. The single floor of the fourth region is his "eyrie". There is the usual radio tower on top of that.

Here is the whole building
Pole lamp for comparison
Cindy pushing it over!
Cindy admiring the wonder

looking up the north face
closeup of the door
a view of the upper north section

closeup of the upper roof and tower
closeup of the roof and spire

a view of the four sections
a view down on the lower northeast transition
a view of the lower southwest transition
looking up at the lower north transition

a view of the middle northeast transition
looking up at the upper north transition
a view of the upper southwest transition

Here are closeups of the gargoyles on the lower transition. They all look mostly like dogs to me. The sequence starts with the northeast corner and goes round to the southeast corner. The fourth in this sequence is a small humanoid gargoyle in the middle of the south face.

Here is a similar set of closeups of the gargoyles on the upper transition. These are all winged, as befits their higher location.

This was my first attempt at a winged gargoyle. It is too big, and looks like a duck-billed winged robot man! He didn't make the final cut.

Some Random Experimental Shots

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