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Megablocks Set #9897 "Dragons Challenge"

When you look at the Dragons sets in general, you see that there are two main colours of figures, weapons, etc. There are warriors, horses, castles, etc. So, it makes perfect sense to build a chess set out of them. That's what the Dragons Challenge set is. Its also a fine supply of pieces, including six of the large baseplates and two of the large two-window wall pieces. It also contains a sixth dragon - gold with silver spines. He doesn't seem to have a name yet, however!

The resulting chess set is usable, but a bit crowded. The pictures show the two sides not on the side with the castle, but the instructions build the set with one side right by the castle - I suggest building the board the other way around. I hadn't payed a lot of attention when assembling last night, but tonight I noticed - the board sections are 5 x 5 plate with studs. That's a size you don't see very often!

My first reaction when I saw this set was "COOL!" (I know, I'm dating myself!). The shiny steel chest is very different and very distinctive. I got another of those when I opened it up and saw all the baseplates and the new dragon. Add this set to your collection of the other Dragons sets, and you will definitely have enough figures for a couple of good medieval armies, and some interesting scenes.

My copy of this set was a gift, received long before I saw the set in any stores. I've heard that in the US it was a Target exclusive, although that may have expired. I have now seen this set in a Zellers store in Canada, along with the companion set, #9897 Dragons Tower, which is in a gold coloured metal chest that is longer and lower than the Dragons Challenge chest.

Thanks, MegaMan!

The box
Chest with cover
Corner Moulding
Center Moulding

Some shots of the finished set

The full layout
The bronze team and castle
Bronze team closeup
Bronze team closeup
Bronze team real closeup

The bronze team
The iron team
The new dragon
Top view of the iron team

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