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Terrible Multicolour Castle

This one started out with me doodling as usual. I started with a floorplan in yellow and just started building. I ran out of yellow before I had finished either the outer wall or the inner keep. So I went and got my whites. That allowed me to finish off those parts. For the back two wall towers, I realized I needed floors at the walkway level, so did so. I didn't want to go back and redo the front towers, so I just added roofs to them. I didn't like the proportions of the result (keep too big, towers too fat, keep far too tall), but decided to just keep adding things anyway.

So, I carefully peeled the baseplate off of the two pieces (minor damage, but readily repairable). Then I put them back in the front corner of the baseplate. That gave me room to build the white tower outside the outer wall. That completely used up all of my yellow and white blocks. But, I still had space left. So, I went and got the red blocks and proceeded to build an inn, some stables (which are wierd - I was picturing a carriage house in my mind) and a small town.

Then I ran out of space with lots of reds left. I got another baseplate and started a second version of a castle, but even after scavenging the reds from this one, there aren't enough to finish it. The proper solution of course is to start again without the limitation of using only 1x2's, but that's another project!

Overall front view
Closeup of gap between inn/tower and outer wall
Overhead view of front
Side view of side without tower

View down town street
View towards town at back
Another town view, showing stables
Overhead view of town

View of tower side
Side view of tower balcony
Overhead looking down on interior stables

Distant overall view, flash
Distant overall view, no flash

Partial Red Castle


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