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White 1x2 Tower

I got bored over the weekend of January 23 1999, and decided to take up my own little challenge of building something using just 1x2 bricks. I ended up with this little skyscraper. No gargoyles on this one!

The first shot is a general shot of the whole building, taken from the front.
A closeup of the front shows a bit more detail. Note the decorative, but space-wasting (and brick-wasting!) columns on the front corners. Those may have been a mistake - I don't think they add anything to the building.
A pedestrian-level view can be seen by looking up along one corner.
Moving around to the side, shows that aspect.
Continuing around to the back shows a fairly straightforward face.
Looking up shows the top part of the back.
An overhead view shows the flat roof.
If you look carefully at the roof you see where I ran out of MegaBloks bricks and had to use some Lego ones (the reverse of what might happen with picky Lego fans!)
Another overhead view of the roof.

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