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Hi, I'm Don. Thanks for dropping in.
I'm a computer programmer, although currently, I call myself a ``software consultant.''
My main interests are computing, mathematics, and card and board games. My lesser interests are too numerous to mention. But here's a few:
- Esperanto (Jes, mi tajpas Esperante.)
- reading (Almost anything.)
- investing ('Cause I have to.)
- bicycling (Burn off 'dem calories.)

My favorite card game is bridge, even though I'm not especially good at it. And I'm not a fanatic. Honest.

As for board games, I like Go and Chess, and anything sufficiently cerebral and strategic. But really, I'd rather write game-playing programs. If you think you'd like that, look at my Busrider game. It's similar to Rail Baron (from Avalon Hill), but I simplified the rules and replaced the board.

Anyway, if you'd like to discuss hyperbolic geometry or Fourier series or Morrison-Brillhart factoring or the like, email me.

Thanks to some extensive calculations and data, one can test primality of a 64-bit number rather efficiently. Here's x86-64 assembler code for the Baillie-PSW test. On my bit-twiddler, it runs in ten microseconds or less. That might have been a jaw-dropper for Marin Mersenne.

My email:

My resumes: brief and long.

Much thanks to Chris Gray, on whose site this page is posted.