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Megablocks Set #9896 "Dragons Tower"

This set is the second of the Dragons sets I've seen which comes in a large light steel chest. The first was the #9897 Dragons Challenge set. The external difference is a new chest. This chest is gold/bronze rather than silver, and is longer and lower. It also has a different set of raised shaping, which here are in the form of dragons which start on the lid and continue down the corners. I find them to be quite nicely done.

The contents differ quite a bit as well. The Dragons Challenge set has a small castle as a backdrop, but concentrates mainly on the chessboard and pieces, built from Dragons series parts. The Dragons Tower set, however, builds a quite large 3-level castle. Unlike earlier large sets in the series, it doesn't have any special device to use the power gem in - it is only used to light up the eyes of the new gold dragon.

There are no new parts in this set (other than the dragon), but a good selection of the existing castle, terrain and minifigure parts. There are 14 figures in the set, each with a different helm. There are two torso types, and eight or nine different weapons. There are also lots of the rounded dark grey 2x4 bricks, and lots of castle wall pieces, including one of the rectangular full wall pieces from the #9886 Sorcerer's Lair set. These all go together to produce a castle larger than the #9890 Warriors Fortress.

Included in this set, as well as the dragon, are a spear catapult (the same as seen in other sets), and a small bag containing a rough moulded gold metal coin.

The Box
Case with cover closed
Case with cover open
The Case

Case Details
Lower left corner
Center logo
Lower right corner
Lower right corner

The bulk parts

Other stuff
The new gold dragon
Bag and coin
Coin side 1
Coin side 2

The whole castle
Front view through the arch
Right side and mounted knight
Interior corner
Reserve crew at back

Castle rear
Left side detail
Left upper view
Right tower
Left tower

Upper front view
Right tower front detail
Right tower
View along the front
Right end detail

High right-front view
Right tower top
Left tower top

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