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Set #5954 - Nano dump truck

I've seen the Nano sets around for a month or two, but haven't picked one up until today. I've been pretty busy with our latest show, and recovery from that. But, I was shopping today and decided to try one of the smaller sets. I liked the look of some of the big sets better, but was turned off by the presence of a sound unit - I thought a lot of the value and volume would be that sound unit. Well, it turns out that the sound unit is very small - roughly a one inch cube, with a pair of watch batteries inside.

Overall, I was impressed with the general feel of care and quality of the set. The container has a sliding latch with studs on it, and the whole thing doubles as a T-intersection road display base, with the lid holding a backdrop picture. Included were a pair of short road sections, which can be used to join multiple bases together to make a street network.

One of the common complaints about Megabloks in general, by the Lego purists, is that the bricks are inconsistent, and of varying connection firmness. I found no such problems with this set (and I don't in general, with newer sets). The pieces are a bit bigger than half of regular brick size. There are 2 plates to a brick instead of the more common three. This set has a variety of piece sizes and shapes, and the usual (for Megabloks) spare pieces. It felt a bit strange putting those small pieces together (don't drop them on the floor!), but it went together well. I'll likely buy more Nano sets in the future.

The whole thing. This shows the assembled truck on its display base, with the back up and the backdrop picture attached (with four bonus 2x2 dark grey tile). Also shown are the included road pieces attached.
Closer view of the truck on the display base.
Closeup of the truck itself.
The spare pieces and the Nano brick separator.
Size comparison - Nano 2x4 brick versus regular 2x4 brick.
The Nano brick separator.

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